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16 January 2018

Electrical Services

As a Certified ESA Licensed Contractor, CaTECH provides its clients with superior project management, including master electricians and licenced electricians specific to powering your IT infrastructure and workspace.

Installation, Design, Repair & Maintenance

  • Data Centres - Under Floor/Overhead Power Distribution to all Racks, Cabinets and Network Gear applications from centralized PDU or source
  • PDUs - Metered/Monitored for Server Racks, Computer Rooms, Server Rooms and Data Centres
  • UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems to deliver power and ensure continuous electrical usage to Critical Business Operation systems
  • Workspace/Area - Systems Furniture, Office and Workstation power distribution and MAC work
  • AV - Audio Video, unique power distribution solutions
  • Pathways and Spaces - complete Cable Tray and Conduit Systems
  • Grounding and Surge Protection - compliant Grounding and Surge Suppression solutions for electrical and telecommunication systems
  • DC Power - Distribution and Power Cabling from main DC supply to cabinet

Call us today to discuss your electrical needs!